Butcher’s Manifesto education programme

With Butcher’s Manifesto, we have made a joint decision to tell people what we’re about. That quality ingredients require proper living conditions for the animal. That in turn requires education, among other conditions, and unfortunately, many of the existing training programmes around the world simply are not good enough. Therefore we have elaborated a Butcher’s Manifesto education programme on four different levels. Our main concern and ambition is to educate to maintain a high level of craftmanship in our trade.

Why Butcher’s Manifesto education programme?

We need to pass on butcher’s skills and preserve trade traditions. With the members of Butcher’s Manifesto we have access to the most skilled trainers in the world. Together we have created a special programme to bring the skills back into the craft.


Butcher’s Manifesto Apprentice education programme

Part 1:
Butcher’s Manifesto ‘skills’

Four to six-week-programme

The apprentice butcher learns knife skills, hygiene and food safety skills.

Throughout a nose-to-tail butchery training programme we’ll review anatomy and cooking tips; learn how to break down, debone and skin properly; and discuss sourcing pasture-raised pork sustainably in today’s food system.

Part 2:
Butcher’s Manifesto Diploma

Trainees visit four to six trainers, learning from skilled butchers in the network of Butcher’s Manifesto. Approximate duration six to eight months.

Part 3:
Butcher’s Manifesto Training Skills

Working for at least 12 months at two butchers who are members of the Butcher’s Manifesto.

Part 4:
Butcher’s Manifesto Master Butcher (location: Denmark)

A three-month training programme at Steensgaard Principal Farm or at Hallegaard Farm – both farms are true nose2tail slaughterhouses.


Who can join Butcher’s Manifesto training programme?

Do you want to become one of the best butchers in the world?

Do you want to learn it from some of the best and can you comply to our five manifesto values?
Everybody can apply to our Butcher’s Manifesto training programme. Are you new to the butchers craft and haven’t been working in the field, then you must begin with part 1. Do you have the basic skills, know the animals and are aware of the hygiene and food safety skills, you can begin at part 2.

Apply for more information on our education programme here: hello@butchersmanifesto.com

You need to send us your CV, place of birth and a short text about yourself.

What’s the main purpose of applying with us and where do you see yourself in the butcher’s world in the future?
We want to bring the world’s leading craft butchers together with a focus on finding ways to restore traditional methods and pass them on to the coming generations. Butcher’s Manifesto aims to restore pride in the profession for the sake of product quality and consumers.